Orange County


Colin Hanks makes a name for himself in this deliciously written tale of a high school senior making his college choice. He’s in a dysfunctional family with a divorced mother who only knows how to communicate with the Hispanic maid by shouting at her in paranoia and a father who is money obsessed. Jack Black is in all his splendor as the slacker brother. The story is good, feel-good even. What really makes it rock the house, other than a splendidly designed poster and plenty of cameos from heavy hitters like Harold Ramis and Ben Stiller, is the soundtrack. If you’re over 30 when you see this, add +10 points to the Underrated Rating because you’re too old to enjoy it at the -24 level. UR: -24

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The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome Underappreciated Stuff
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Nick Jezarian,
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