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What Is It?

A sitcom about a sports show that's not exactly a sitcom, and not at all about sports. It was the brainchild of Aaron Sorkin and aired for two seasons before ABC stupidly canned it. It starred Peter Krause and Josh Charles (the straight brother from Six Feet Under and the gay roommate from Threesome, respectively) as the hosts of a SportsCenter-like show on an ESPN-like network. Also on board were Robert Guillaume (Benson) as their boss, desperate housewife Felicity Huffman as the no-nonsense producer, and Sorkin's trusty sidekick Josh Malina (the nebbish from all Sorkin projects) as the assistant producer. UR: -22

Why is it underrated?

Imagine all the wit, charm, and camaraderie of The West Wing without any of the politics or world-shaking crises. That's Sports Night. It had a complete lack of the shoegazing self-importance that makes Studio 60 so saggy and maudlin, and therefore was … what's the word? Fun.

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The Book


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