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You know the assistant in your office that's responsible for sending the e-mails out to the group, perky in correspondence but a total bitch otherwise? How about the douche who responds to it by hitting "Reply to All?" And the woman that's only still working at the company because she's shtupping the boss (or making him really, really want to)? e is author Matt Beaumont's brilliant homage to all of them.

The genius of this book lies in how well Beaumont captures every single mouth-breathing idiot with whom you work. Better still, it all unfolds through a series of e-mails exchanged between the employees of a major advertising agency in the UK, which means there's lots of the letter "u" and the word "bloody." Also, there's a ton in here about Filipino transsexuals (if you're into that sort of thing).

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The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome Underappreciated Stuff
by Geoff Wolinetz,
Nick Jezarian,
and Josh Abraham

Published by
Citadel/Kensington Books.
On sale June 24, 2008.

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