Yankee Pot Roast




Yankee Pot Roast wholeheartedly encourages correspondence with strangers, and believes letter writing to be a lost art due its proper respect.

Y.P.R.'s epistolary collection includes only genuine letters, signed, sealed, stamped, and sent. Should Y.P.R. actually receive responses from our pen pals, those replies will be posted here, for supplemental enjoyment. Say what you will about the United States Postal Service and the trigger-happy, disgruntled-employee Falling Downs that occured in post offices during the middle and late 1990s, but Y.P.R. maintains that the delivery of a sealed envelope from the mailbox on the corner to the doorstep of its intended recipient, across the continent, in mere days, for pocket change is a hell of a bargain.

Y.P.R. salutes you, local postal carrier. Godspeed.

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