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The Y.P.R. Book-of-the-Month Club Presents:
Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint

How to Conduct a Sincere Discussion Group on Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint with a Disruptive Norwegian Forest Cat on the Premises
by Tony Antoniadis

Checkmate, Checkpoint!
by Amy Shearn

Mootpoint: My Almost Interminable Conversation with Famed Literary Minimalist, Nicholson Baker
by Will Layman

Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam Synopsize Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint!
by George Motisher

Reviews for Nicholson Bakerís Checkpoint that I Started to Write before Realizing I Was Thinking of Something Else
by Matt Tobey

If Checkpoint Were Based on Conversations I’ve Had with My Grandparents
by Jeff Barnosky

Gina Gershon and the Persian Subway Plot or, There Are No Wheat Thins in Tehran
by Jason Kucharsky

by Geoff Wolinetz

Some Failed Parodies of Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint
by Josh Abraham